Creativity and ingenuity go hand-in-hand in Darin Hartmann's innate skill to create and design useful and original pieces of home decor.  From re-purposing cardboard tubes and shipping flats, restoring chipped and broken antique gilded frame and restoring chipped and damaged china, Darin Hartmann utilizes his vast knowledge of different types of production and furniture history in all of his works.


The arduous task of a complete home renovation is by no means a simple task.  Throughout his professional career, Darin Hartmann has used his keen eye for design, and his knowledge of construction.  In a large scale project as a house renovation, He is able to use all his skills that cover the main different aspects involved in home construction and design: from the drywall, plumbing and electrical to the choice of paint, the moulding and finishes and home decor...

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